This 19-Year-Old’s Neighbor Got Angry With Her For Hanging Her Underwear In The Backyard To Dry

New Africa - illustrative purpose only, not the actual underwear

A 19-year-old girl just moved into a house that her grandpa used to own that she inherited. She’s currently still in college, working towards a degree in psychology, and her college is super close to her grandpa’s house.

The proximity of the house to campus was a determining factor in her decision to move right in, as it makes her life a lot easier.

“The house is decently sized with a nice backyard with a high fence and MOSTLY nice neighbors,” she explained.

“Mostly everyone in the neighborhood was pretty welcoming and nice, except the woman that lived in the house directly to the right of mine.”

This particular neighbor is really conservative and just not really that nice, to begin with.

“Now to the story, I’ve been working on reducing my carbon footprint, and since it was a nice sunny hot summer day, I thought it would be good to hang my clothes (including my underwear and bras),” she said.

“Well, my neighbor noticed and called me out on it. She said something like this, “Why are you hanging your disgusting underwear outside?! You should know that it is indecent and disgraceful; you should be ashamed! My 6-year-old year can see this; take it down immediately!”

“I responded by telling her that what I do in my backyard is non of her business and that she shouldn’t be looking into my backyard anyway.”

Ever since then, when she does run into her neighbor, her neighbor shoots her terrible looks. Additionally, her neighbor has begun going around and informing other people in their neighborhood about her underwear being out to dry in her backyard.

New Africa – illustrative purpose only, not the actual underwear

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