This Apple Cider Sangria Is Sure To Be The Show-Stopper On Your Thanksgiving Table, Because The Pitcher Is Full Of Fun Sprinkles



-Apple slices

-8 to 12 oz ginger ale or club soda

-Cinnamon sticks

-Edible glitter

First, find a big pitcher (big enough to pour the entire bottle of wine in, plus more). Then, drizzle some honey on one side of the pitcher and brush it around to form the glue for your Fancy Sprinkles later.

Then, pour the whole bottle of Fancy Sprinkles onto a plate and just rub the pitcher with the side that has honey. You can also add a bit of edible glitter to make the pitcher look even shinier.

After decorating your pitcher, it is time to mix up all the “liquids” we’ve got. Of course, the first thing to go in would be the apple cider.

Don’t be shy about the next step. Just pour in the whole bottle of white wine (or rosé) of your choice. I swear, it is so therapeutic to watch.

Before you put in the ginger ale, add a few more spoons of glitter into the drink. “You can use club soda if you want it less sweet,” Lisa says.

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