This College Student Wanted To Put Mistakes In A Shared Note Document In Hopes That His Crush Performs Badly On An Exam And Needs His Tutoring, But His Friend Thinks His Plan Is Bizarre

So, he realized that he would have to get creative and think outside of the box if he wanted to land a date with his crush. And after some thinking, he came up with kind of a sinister plan.

The idea came to him because their third organic chemistry exam is coming up in just a few days.

And after going through his shared notes document to study, he realized that Jess was the person who used his notes the most.

He caught onto this since the document displays each person’s icon whenever they are viewing the material. And according to him, Jess’ icon is the one that “pops up” the most.

On top of that, he somehow knows that Jess has not been doing too well in their organic chemistry class.

So, while studying, he had an epiphany and claimed it was a great idea to secure a hangout with Jess.

He first wanted to put some subtle mistakes in the shared notes document that Jess is using to study.

Then, after she does not do well on the exam due to the inaccurate notes, he plans to offer to tutor Jess.

“That way, I can interact with her and talk to her. So, she will realize that I have a great personality, and we can hopefully go out together,” he explained.

And since he thought that this was such an amazing plan, he decided to tell one of his friends about it. But his friend thought that his idea was utterly ridiculous and claimed that if he did that, he would be a total jerk to the girl he likes.

To be honest, though, he was caught off guard by his friend’s perspective and had never looked at it that way. He figured that since Jess was already not doing well in the class without the mistakes in the document, his plan would ultimately result in her getting tutored and performing better anyway.

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