This Female Racecar Driver Is Teaching Young Women How To Push Past Racing’s Barriers To Entry And Get Behind The Wheel

If you were lucky enough to attend a NASCAR event growing up, the race day scene is probably ingrained in your memory. Engines were whirring, crowds were hollering, and the smell of burning rubber filled the air– along with the aromas of comfort concession foods, of course.

Arguably the most exciting part about watching a race unfold, though, is imagining you are the driver behind the wheel.

I mean, doesn’t flooring the gas on straightaways, drifting around bends, and competing to cross the finish line first sound like an adrenaline rush and a half?

But unfortunately, unlike more mainstream sports such as soccer, softball, or lacrosse, it can be very difficult to get started in motorsports.

After all, most towns in the United States have access to at least a few fields, but where are all of the racetracks?

Plus, becoming a racer has countless other roadblocks– such as the financial cost of equipment, training, and race entry, as well as other societal stigmas that have prevented many women from trying out the sport in the past.

Still, one female racecar driver named Lindsay Brewer doesn’t think that those who really want to pursue racing should ever give up on their dream.

And recently, she even divulged exactly how she began her journey in motorsports in hopes of encouraging other women to get behind the wheel, too.

TikTok; pictured above is Lindsay in one of her videos

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