This Man Got A Restraining Order Against His Family After They Spread Rumors That His Son’s Fiancé Was A Sugar Daddy

“He said that my son needs to focus on his residency and graduate with minimal damage,” the man said.

“Thomas paid for my son’s first car when he was twenty-three and also bought a house. He wrote my son’s name on the deed after they got engaged in February of 2021.”

The couple was excitedly planning a summer wedding until Thomas, unfortunately, lost his mother to a stroke. The wedding had to then be postponed.

“It is going to be huge. They both invited their clinics, which will be at least one hundred and fifty people alone, and at least two hundred people from their medical schools are attending. My son also invited his high school crew, and Thomas invited his extended family,” the man mentioned.

All in all, the wedding has a whopping guest list of nearly seven hundred and fifty people.

After his son announced the engagement, though, the man’s family took to social media and began gossiping.

“My family started to post on Facebook and Instagram about how my son found a sugar daddy to ‘milk’ and how he was a disgrace to the entire community,” the man continued. “They also said I was a terrible father for letting him move.”

Immediately, the man was “phone-bombed” by his employees and partners. He was mortified and had to explain the entire situation.

Afterward, the man also reached out to his lawyer, who suggested a restraining order for online harassment. They were able to obtain this order within three days.

“Now, it has been two weeks, and everyone in the neighborhood is blaming us for getting the restraining order instead of talking to them,” the man explained.

“But honestly, I don’t want to. They can rot in their houses.”

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