This Teen Called A Girl At Her School Fat And Short, But She Doesn’t See How That Was Insulting Of Her To Say

alfa27 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A teen girl currently goes to school with an 18-year-old girl that she says is a “fat positivity activist on TikTok.”

“She films herself eating, twerking, and making the fat on her butt jiggle for the camera while saying how in love with her body she is,” she explained about her classmate.

“She also says all the time that being fat is an honor and beautiful. This is important for later on.”

She and this girl are in the same public speaking class, and recently, this girl created an assignment about how modeling needed to be made illegal.

This girl argued that modeling should not be legal because every model that walks during Fashion Week is tall and skinny, making them look more like “freaks” than “normal” looking girls.

This girl also stated that anyone who sees these models at Fashion Week must not be comfortable “watching them.”

Although the teacher in their class said that the assignment should be done in an effective and calm way, this girl gave her speech in a way that was aggressive and angry.

And as this girl was giving her speech to their class, she stared directly at her the entire time. It’s also worth mentioning that she does walk in their school’s Fashion Week, so she really felt that her classmate’s assignment was making a dig at her.

After her classmate was finished, the rest of the class was asked to argue against her position. The teacher then decided to ask her opinion, as everyone is aware that she participates in their Fashion Week.

alfa27 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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