This Teen Has Been Hiding A Significant Amount Of Money From Her Dad, And Now That He Knows, He’s Not Happy

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A 19-year-old girl is the youngest of all the kids that her dad had with her mom. She also has a 24-year-old brother and a 21-year-old-sister.

Sadly, her mom passed away when she was only 3, and then her dad got married again when she turned 7. Her stepmom came into the relationship with 2 children, and then her stepmom and dad had another child together.

Even though her dad got remarried, her mom’s side of the family always stayed in her life, and in her brother and sister’s life, too, though they never got involved with her stepsiblings or half-brother.

As soon as her older brother reached the age of 18, her uncle explained to her and her brother and sister that he had been saving up money for them.

Her uncle stated that he was doing this on behalf of their mom, and he is incredibly well-off, which never was a secret he kept from them.

“We did not know before then that he had money for us,” she explained. “It’s enough to pay for 6 years of college easily, or it would be enough for us to buy a house. That’s each, not like all together.”

“We kept the money from dad and his wife for a long time. My siblings and I agreed that if they knew, pressure would be added to include our stepsiblings and half-brother in the benefits of the money.”

“The truth did come out recently, though. My brother didn’t go to college, he joined our grandpa’s family business, and my sister did an apprenticeship. So the money for college talk wasn’t needed. I had always been unsure what I would do exactly. I knew if I went to college, it would be community college. Dad wanted to know about my plans so he could figure out money.”

She let her dad know that she really did not need him to get any money together. She ended up moving out of his house several weeks after insisting he didn’t need to get any money for her to go to college, and then she thought that she should be honest with him about why.

vgstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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