This TikToker Went Ultraviral For Posting ASMR Of Gadgets Inside Her Home, And The Videos Are Oddly Satisfying

Let’s face it: we have all heard of ASMR. Whether you have actively sought out videos of it or simply had this kind of content pop up on your social media feeds, most people have seen at least one ASMR video by now.

And the public reaction to the ASMR content wave has undoubtedly been mixed. Some people are obsessed with it, some find it plain uncomfortable, and others are secret fans of the satisfying videos.

ASMR, also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, refers to a sort of “tingly feeling” that many people experience after hearing certain sounds. Some of the most popular auditory sensations that have gone viral include soft whispering, crinkling paper, tapping manicured nails on a tabletop, and more.

But, one creator has taken the whole ASMR trend one step further by providing TikTok viewers with endless #HomeASMR– a hashtag that has grown to over seven hundred and eighty million views on the platform.

More specifically, the creator– who has not revealed her real name– posts seemingly simple videos of herself arriving home that are bizarrely mesmerizing on her account @YourHomeAndMine.

The videos are completely quiet except for the sounds of her literally getting home and completing her post-outing routine.

For instance, viewers can watch and listen as the TikToker slams her apartment door, drops her keys into a ceramic tray with a jingle, slides her coat onto a hanger, and turns on her rainfall shower.

But yes, while the isolating sounds are weirdly satisfying, the creator’s home tech and appliances may also be contributing to her widespread ASMR appeal.

TikTok; pictured above are screenshots from @YourHomeAndMine

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