Weird Things Started Happening To Her And Her Roommate After They Took A Mirror Off The Wall Of Their Home That Belonged To The Previous Owners

She also had a fish tank placed opposite the mirror with her betta fish in it. Alongside the fish tank was a plant her roommate put there.

Both the plant and the fish died suddenly with no explanation. That’s when she started theorizing that the mirror could be part of the problem. Perhaps the original owners were using the mirror to haunt the house, or their spirits were angry that it was taken down.

Even when they moved the mirror into their outdoor garage, things would still get moved around, and there would be an eerie vibe wherever the mirror went.

The strange occurrences didn’t stop until they finally decided to walk it to Goodwill, where they accidentally broke it along the way.

Once the mirror was gone, their house was at peace.

Do you believe that the mirror was haunted?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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