When She Was Just 17-Years-Old, She Was Sentenced To Life Behind Bars For A Crime She Claims She Never Committed, Ruining Her Dreams Of Being A Professional Basketball Player

In 2010, India Spellman of Philadelphia was known by her community as a star high school basketball player.

The seventeen-year-old was nearing graduation and planned to attend college. Then, India aspired to play basketball for the WNBA.

So, when she was found guilty of second-degree murder, robbery, and other related charges on February 20, 2013, the community could not believe it.

Moreover, India claims that she should never have been convicted in the first place.

She has since spent over a decade in SCI Cambridge Springs, only part of her life sentence behind bars. And now, India is speaking out about her conviction– alleging it was wrongful and a product of coercion, police misconduct, and fabricated testimony.

“I know that everyone claims that they are innocent, but I am truly innocent, and the facts of this case will prove that legally and factually I am innocent,” India said.

According to the now twenty-nine-year-old, her nightmare began on August 18, 2010. That night, she claims to have been at home with her father and grandfather, scrolling on Facebook and talking on her cell phone.

At the same time, a robbery was taking place in her community– one that India alleges she had no involvement in and that led to the death of a victim.; pictured above is India

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