You Definitely Need To Be Cleaning Your Hair Brush, And Allow Jonathan Monroe To Explain How To Do It Properly

Did you know that you actually have to clean your hairbrush? Most people don’t. And even if you just pull the hair out of the brush every now and then, it’s not enough to get your hairbrush actually really clean.

This may be a novel piece of information to you, as it is to many people, but TikToker Jonathan Monroe, @jonathankmonroe, has got you covered.

Jonathan posted a step-by-step tutorial on how to clean your hairbrush in a way that many people may not know.

“Clean your hairbrush the proper way,” Jonathan said. “Yep, you should be cleaning your brush.”

Jonathan starts out with an old hairbrush that clearly looks in need of some TLC.

“Using a rat tail comb, go down each column separating the hair from the base of the brush,” Jonathan pointed out. “This is where most people stop!”

Once the brush is cleaned of hair, there is still some residue on the base of the brush–from oil and skin cells–that need to be cleaned off as well.

“All that buildup is garbage and isn’t aiding in healthy hair,” Jonathan added.

TikTok; pictured above is Jonathan Monroe

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