After He Cheated And Had A Child With Another Woman, His Wife Still Decided To Raise Their Daughter As Her Own: But, When His Child Said His Wife Was Not Her Mother, He Just Left For Work Instead Of Comforting His Wife, And Now His Wife Is Staying At Her Mother’s House

“She acts like everything is normal, but she is crying herself to sleep,” he vented.

And to be honest, he just does not have the emotional bandwidth to deal with it anymore. He claims that he is already exhausted, and he also lost a child– not just his wife.

Just recently, though, one more incident totally sent him and his wife over the edge.

It all began one morning last week when he was getting ready for work. At the same time, his wife was trying to get their youngest ready for school.

And it appears that his wife and child were having a rough morning together because out of the blue, he heard his youngest tell his wife: “You’re not my mom; you don’t love me.”

Now, surprisingly, this is not the first time his youngest has told his wife this. And to be honest, they have no clue how their child knows that his wife is not her mother.

Regardless, though, he ended up ignoring it and going to work anyway. Then, once he got home, he learned that a ton of drama had unfolded while he was gone.

According to his eldest child, his wife had dropped off their youngest at nursery school. Then, his wife went home, locked herself in their bedroom, and cried for a few hours before leaving the house altogether.

So, after learning that, he decided to shoot his wife a text and ask what had happened. To his shock, though, he got a pretty angry reply.

“Thanks for helping me this morning. I am staying at my mother’s. I’m not in the mood to help with your child at the moment since you don’t help me or tell her I’m her mother,” his wife reportedly texted back.

Now, of course, they both believe that their youngest child deserves to know the truth. And they have tried to explain that his wife was really their child’s stepmother before.

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