After Her Boyfriend Found Out That She Had Plastic Surgery A Few Years Ago, Their Relationship Ended, And Now She’s Wondering If She Should Tell Future Dates About What She Had Done

“He kept denying it and saying I was joking until I showed him old photos of me. He got quiet and left shortly after.”

“I got a text saying I should’ve disclosed this on the first date, how I led him on and that he needs to reconsider things.”

The next morning, it was radio silence from Max, and she couldn’t believe he didn’t try to talk to her about what had happened the night before.

Eventually, he sent her a message to see if she would meet him in person because he did want to keep dating her and did want to discuss everything.

Well, she decided that Max wasn’t really the man for her due to his reaction to plastic surgery, so she informed him she was ending their relationship then and there.

“So yeah, I’m single now; kind of confused if I should mention this to future dates before we’re official to weed out any more like him?” she wondered. “How do you even bring this up?”

“Oh well, I like me, I’m content with my natural and unnatural parts, and I’ll find someone who doesn’t have huge hang-ups on plastic surgery.”

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