After Her Dad Made Comments About Her Weight Again, She Decided To Call Him Out For His Recent Weight Gain, But Now Her Sister And Mom Think She Took It Too Far

“He didn’t gain a significant amount,” she clarified, “but I noticed a lot of his shirts do not fit him anymore.”

And recently, she believes that she may have been a bit of a jerk after she used her dad’s weight gain to shut down his body shaming.

Apparently, the incident began on a pretty hot day. And since it was hot outside, she decided to throw on some biker shorts and a cropped top.

Now, she does know that she has “a little bit of a belly,” which was visible while wearing the crop top. However, she did not think anything of it– especially because she was in her own home, after all.

Well, as soon as her dad saw her, he apparently thought differently. First, she claims that he looked down at her stomach.

Then, he told her that she needed to exercise more in order to “lose some fat.”

She was obviously taken aback by that and decided to ask her dad why he was always so bothered by her weight and body.

She also pointed out how it’s not like telling her she is fat will do anything, anyway. So, she asked her dad to give her a good reason why he was always commenting on her looks.

Yet again, though, her dad tried to say that he cared about her health. And acording to her, she knew that was just a cover-up since her dad was well aware that she exercised regularly and actively tried to take care of her body.

“So I think he is just fatphobic and does not like the way fat people look,” she revealed.

And at that moment, she decided to finally get some revenge on her dad. More specifically, she pointed out how her dad cannot tell her to lose weight when his clothes do not fit anymore. Plus, she said that at least her own clothes fit her. Yikes.

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