After His Son Had A Baby, It Made His Wife Want Another One Too Even Though They’re In Their 40s

And looking at his life now, he and his wife have worked so incredibly hard for everything they have that they’re in an excellent financial situation.

He and his wife are able to finally reap the benefits of their hard work, and they’re still young enough to be able to fully enjoy it all.

He thinks it’s time for him and his wife to focus on themselves, to go on vacations, to buy expensive things, to do everything they ever dreamed of because they finally can.

But, his wife suddenly wanting another baby out of left field is throwing a wrench in those plans, and his wife is accusing him of being a self-centered jerk for not stopping to consider how he feels about another baby.

The thing is, though, she has not talked about having a baby for years, and he can’t get why all of a sudden, this is the most important thing to her.

As for him, he has zero interest in having another baby right now or ever, to be frank.

“I do still love her very much, but this baby issue is driving a giant wedge between us,” he said. “The people who know about it told me months ago that she’d get over it, that she’d meet her new grandchild and be so over the moon about being a grandma that she’d totally forget about wanting to be a mom to her own newborn.”

“Nope, that’s not happened at all. Oh, she loves that baby, but it’s only made her want one of her own even more.”

“She does stay in her lane as grandma. She knows it’s their baby, and she’s not the parent – she’s not a nutcase who wants to abduct her grandchild or tell our son and DIL how to raise their child. I feel like I have to make this clear. She seems perfectly fine mentally, and I don’t believe she’s having any sort of mental or emotional problems bringing this desire one…”

His wife has worn him down so much about a baby that he’s thinking of just giving in to her even though it’s against what he wants.

He doesn’t want his wife to resent him for not agreeing to have a baby, and he thinks she could very well end up like that if he keeps saying no.

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