As Soon As Her Sister Told Her That She Was Going To Use Her College Money To Help Some Guy She Met Online, She Told Their Brother, Who Stepped In To Stop Her From Getting Scammed, And Now Her Sister Is Furious

Ivan Nakonechnyy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 19-year-old girl has a sister a year older than she is, and her sister just told her that she’s actually dating a guy that she met online.

Apparently, this guy told her sister that his mom and dad are kicking him out of their house, and he’s going to be homeless.

Her sister thought it would be a good idea to pull money out of the college fund their mom created for her to help this guy out financially.

“I was instantly alarmed as this is a common scam, and even if it wasn’t, this guy being kicked out of his parent’s house is still concerning about his character, especially since they never even met IRL,” she explained.

“I failed to convince her not to do it and begged her to at least let me tag along from afar when she withdraws the money and goes to meet him. She said yes.”

So, she and her sister went to the bank together, and she was horrified when her sister asked to withdraw $6,000.

She started getting hysterical as she pleaded with her sister not to take out that much money and fork it over to some guy she doesn’t really know at all.

Her sister didn’t listen and proceeded to get $6,000 in cash. Her sister then said she was directly going to meet up with this guy.

Eventually, her sister got so fed up with her screaming to stop that she told her she couldn’t come with anymore and that she would be meeting up with the guy by herself.

Ivan Nakonechnyy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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