Baked Tortellini Is About To Be The Star Of Your New Year’s Eve Appetizers

TikTok - @helengbailey

There are a lot of ways to welcome the new year, whether it’s by wearing something glittery, kissing your loved one when the clock strikes midnight, or always having specific foods available.

Many people have traditional foods they like to make that are aimed at bringing good luck, or they might just be there to simply satisfy the taste buds.

Start the year off right by dazzling your guests with this tasty baked tortellini. Presenting this baked tortellini at any event is a surefire way to make your dish the star of all appetizers.

It’s a comforting food that will help to satisfy any late-night cravings for when your New Year’s Eve party runs long past midnight.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating with carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Plus, it pairs nicely with a few glasses of bubbly.

Helen G. Bailey (@helengbailey) has a wonderfully simplistic recipe for baked tortellini on TikTok that you’ll certainly want to kick off the year with.

You can begin the New Year’s resolutions on the next day, guilt-free and gloriously stuffed full of pasta.

First, prepare a package of tortellini per the instructions on the container. Then, go ahead and drain it.

Next, pull out three large bowls. In one bowl, add three eggs and milk. Whisk the ingredients together.

In the second bowl, mix pickle bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, red pepper flakes, and black pepper. Put some flour in the third bowl.

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