Christmas Crack Is Addictive, Sweet, And The Perfect Holiday Treat

Smooth out some melted chocolate over the pretzels on the baking sheet and add more salt. Allow both the chocolate-covered pretzels and caramel-coated ones to harden for three hours. Lastly, break apart the chocolate pieces, and they’re all ready to eat!

Some TikTok users are in total agreement with Lauren that pretzels are ten times better than saltines for Christmas crack.

“Omg I make tons of this every Xmas season BUT never with pretzels! I will try it this year! I also use heath toffee chips for the top sometimes,” commented one user.

“I’ve been making this with saltines for years. I just made them with the pretzels and I will NEVER go back!! Thank you!” exclaimed another.

“Well I’m never using saltines again. Never thought of pretzel crisps,” stated a third.

“I use red and green sprinkles on mine to make them look festive,” added someone else.


pretzels > saltines TRUST ME! #christmascrack #christmascookies #cookies #cookiesoftiktok #christmascountdown #easyrecipes

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