He Decided To Try To Be Funny On His Date With A Female Comedian Who Said She’s Only Dating To Find Content And Free Margaritas

Adam decided that he wanted not only to play along with Reagan’s silly attitude but also to stand out from all of her other dates in order to stand out. Also, to potentially get a video made about him.

As he gets ready to go on his date, Adam says in his video, “On this date, I will be saying the word ‘bazinga’ at least three times; I’m gonna bring up my college acapella group over and over again as if I’m reliving the glory days, and I’m gonna clean myself like a cat at least twice.”

That’s bound to make him stand out! Adam did end up making a follow-up video after the date, especially because the first one went viral. It has over 429,000 likes and 6,000 comments from TikTok users who wanted to know more.

“We actually had a really nice time. We were at the restaurant for two and a half hours,” says Adam in his video.

Adam then explains that he ended up telling Reagan about the first video he made, as he didn’t want to keep lying and pretending that he didn’t know her status on TikTok. At the end of his follow-up video, Adam promises to keep his viewers updated. The video then ends with him picking up Reagan in his car!

So although we know for sure that these two went on a second date, it’s unclear as to where they stand today. No matter what happened, it sure was fun watching how their first date played out!

To view the original TikTok video, visit the link here.

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