He Didn’t Hang His Daughter’s Christmas Stocking Up This Year Because She Has Not Been Home For The Holidays In Years, And When She Noticed, She Got So Upset

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This man has 2 daughters; a 28-year-old from his first marriage and a 23-year-old from his second marriage.

His 23-year-old daughter still lives at home with him and his wife, but his older daughter moved out of the house a couple of years back.

Since his oldest left home, she rarely comes back to visit. Sometimes, she’ll come home for a family dinner, but that’s not so common.

His oldest daughter loves privacy and having her own space, and she’s also a total introvert.

“I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that she’s on the autism spectrum, but I still love her dearly nonetheless and support her,” he explained.

“The last three Christmases she spent with her ex-boyfriend at his house (they eventually broke up).”

“We invited her to spend this Christmas with us again. She has a new boyfriend now but said she probably will spend it with us this year. Recently we invited her over for a family dinner. She noticed there were 5 stockings hanging up. Mine, my wife’s, my youngest daughter, the dog’s, and the cat’s.”

The stocking for his oldest daughter was not hanging up. They used to hang it up along with everyone else’s, but when she moved out of the house and no longer came home for Christmas, that’s when they stopped putting it up.

This year, it slipped their mind to hang her stocking up since she had not been home for the holidays in some time.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only

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