He Sat His Friend Down And Said That He Needs To Lower His Physical Standards For Women If He Wants To Stop Being Single, And Now His Friend Isn’t Speaking To Him - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old guy has a friend the same age as him who has been single forever. His friend has zero experience in the romance department, and he has never once had a girlfriend.

He does like his friend, and he sees a lot of good in him. His friend makes $180,000 a year working as a surgical device sales rep, and his friend graduated magna cum laude too.

His friend has a great personality and is super easy to hold a conversation with. Unfortunately, though, his friend has impossibly high physical standards when it comes to women, and he’s convinced that’s why he’s going to stay single forever.

“However, physically, and I know I’m being brutal here, he is not a catch,” he explained. “He already has a significantly receded hairline, his face is quite frankly below average, he’s of below average height, and he’s not in amazing shape.”

“I believe he has a distorted view because his parents constantly told him he was very handsome and could get any girl. As a result, he is exclusively interested in women who are not just successful but also are exceptionally gorgeous.”

“A woman, who said she just graduated from an ivy league and was a tech sales rep, was flirting with him at the bar. Though she was nice and clearly quite intelligent, and again I know I’m being brutal here, she was not very attractive. When she asked for his number, he politely declined.”

He questioned his friend about why he turned this seemingly nice girl down, and his friend said that yes, she did seem sweet, but she was not even close to being in his league physically.

He decided not to set his friend straight and just dropped the topic from there.

One week after his friend turned this girl down, he revealed to him that he went to a cooking class and got rejected by a woman he asked out. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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