He Switched His Wife And Sister’s Christmas Presents At The Last Minute, Giving His Sister The Dyson Airwrap His Wife Had Really Wanted, And Now His Mom And Aunt Are Appalled

So, even though he had already purchased and wrapped a pair of shoes as his sister’s Christmas gift, he decided to try and purchase her a Dyson Airwrap, too.

But, after scouring the web, he was out of options. Apparently, the product was sold out everywhere and would not get delivered until well after the holidays.

Rather than just leaving his presents as they were, though, he decided to make a switch. More specifically, he took his wife’s name tag off of the Dyson present and stuck it on his sister’s– meaning that his wife would be getting just the perfume, and his sister would get the shoes and the hair curler.

Then, come Christmas morning, his whole family got together to open up presents. And at first, everyone appeared really happy with what they had received.

Well, that was until he spoke to his mom. Apparently, his mom claimed that his wife’s face looked beyond hurt after she watched his sister unwrap the Dyson Airwrap.

Plus, after revealing that, his mom decided to pry and asked why he had not given his wife the Dyson instead.

So, he ended up just telling his mom the truth and admitting that he thought his wife would be just as happy with the perfume. His mom did not agree with him at all, though, and actually accused him of being a complete jerk.

Apparently, his parents had also wanted to purchase the Dyson Airwrap for his wife this Christmas. And he knew that because they had asked him last month prior to any gift shopping.

At that time, though, he told his parents he was already planning to buy it for his wife. So, his parents never bought it, and his wife ultimately missed out on two opportunities to receive the one present she really wanted this year.

Anyway, since Christmas day, his mom has spoken with his aunt about the whole situation– who now agrees that he is a total jerk, too.

He did try to reason with his family and explain how he would just buy the Dyson Airwrap again for his wife. After all, it’s not like it needs to be Christmas to give his partner a present.

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