He Told His Mom She’s No Longer Invited To His Christmas Party After She Called His Fiancée A Gold Digger

In light of his mom ramping up her rudeness, he has tried to tell her to cut it out, but she really hasn’t. Several days ago, he hosted a little dinner party at his home, and his mom wound up showing up unannounced after his sister let it slip to her that he was having a party.

His mom walked in and took a seat, and he could tell she had absolutely had one too many drinks before arriving.

His fiancée then asked his mom if she would like food or water, and his mom shot her the nastiest look while saying it was his water and food.

“Again, insinuating and trying to make it seem like there is an unbalanced dynamic or that I have an issue with this,” he said.

“She has probably helped me in more ways emotionally than I could have ever helped her in any aspect. So, I was upset by this and escorted her out. She was calling me blind for not seeing her for what she was, and I told her to not come to the Christmas party or anywhere near us until she understands how immature and despicable she is being.”

“My fiancée tries so hard to be good friends with my mother and has never said anything bad about her, even when we are alone. My mother has been upset that I “picked” my fiancée over her, and how on earth could I not invite her to the Christmas party that she loves to attend every year.”

Since all of this went down, his sister said to him that she believes he took everything to another level and should not have because their mom was just acting like she always does in accusing his fiancée of being a gold digger. He’s left wondering if it was rude of him to uninvite his mom to Christmas over how she acted at his last dinner party.

What do you think?

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