He Told His Sister That She Wasn’t Allowed To Make Pasta And Chicken Tenders For Her Picky Eater Teens When They Came Over For Christmas Dinner

Kalim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 44-year-old guy’s parents are divorced, and he spends every Christmas with his mom’s family. He and his sister each trade off on hosting every year, and this year it was his turn again.

They do celebrate Christmas together early, the first weekend of December, to be exact.

Now, his sister has two teen girls who are 18 and 15, and they are super picky when it comes to food.

At every single family gathering, his sister always brings food to make for the girls, and it’s the same thing each time; frozen chicken tenders and pasta.

Although he is fully aware that his sister insists on making this food for her girls, he has always thought it was super obnoxious.

He is especially bothered by this when he’s the one doing the cooking, and his sister gets in his way to make what she wants for her girls.

“This year, I told my wife we will not be letting my sister in the kitchen this year, and the girls will have the choice of eating what I prepared or not eating,” he explained.

“My sister accused me of being a cynic and getting joy from watching the girls be uncomfortable. I told her they are old enough to eat like adults.”

“Also, the food I make is pretty standard. I do a fillet roast, bbq ribs, cheesy potatoes, stuffed artichoke, breaded cauliflower, ratatouille, and a salad.”

Kalim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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