Her Boyfriend Forgot His Passport At Home And Did Not Make It Back To The Airport In Time, But She Still Went On A New Year’s Trip With Their Friends, And He Is Furious

Well, she ended up getting a “huge scolding” because of that, and her boyfriend claimed that the papers should be left at home. He even told her to quit “holding” onto his stuff.

So, by the time she got home later that evening, she handed his documents over and said that she would no longer be responsible for them.

Moreover, she would not warm him about anything related to the papers anymore, even though she was just trying to do him a favor.

Anyway, fast forward to earlier this week, and she and her boyfriend were set to travel out of the country for the new year.

They planned a trip with friends to leave on December 27 and remain on vacation until January 3. Obviously, though, since their destination was in another country, they needed their passports.

So, before every trip, she makes a list of exactly what she and her boyfriend will need to pack for their travels. And for this vacation, it was no different. She even specifically wrote “passport” on her boyfriend’s list.

Anyway, on the day of their flight, the whole group traveled to the airport– which was about two hours away– and decided to get there about four hours early to visit the VIP room. Before relaxing, though, she specifically went to check all of her documents first.

Her boyfriend, Paul, also happened to be there and noticed that she only had one passport. So, he asked her where his passport was, and she just claimed that he had it.

At that point, panic set in, and her boyfriend recalled thinking that she had brought his passport, too. So, it became clear that it was still at home, and Paul was going to have to travel all the way back to get it.

He also asked her to take the trip back to their house with him, but she honestly just did not want to spend four hours in the car. So, she declined, and Paul left to get his passport alone; meanwhile, she stayed with her friends.

Anyway, if you could not have guessed, her boyfriend did not make it to the airport on time. And rather than staying back, she decided that she would not be forced to miss her trip because of Paul’s forgetfulness.

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