Her Boyfriend’s Female Friend Sent Him Boudoir Photos, So Now She Expects Him To Cut This Girl Out Of His Life, But He Doesn’t Want To

In all of the photos, her boyfriend’s friend was dressed in a bra and underwear only, except for one photo that showed off her back without a bra on.

She knows this is completely normal for a boudoir-style photo shoot, but she thought it was highly inappropriate of her boyfriend’s friend to send at all.

“I immediately questioned my boyfriend why she was sending these photos,” she said. “His point of view is that she was going to post them on Instagram anyway and that she thought he had asked for these photos.”

“He also is reluctant to give up this friendship as he feels more comfortable talking with women, and she’s one of the few people that he talks to every day.”

“In my POV, they should never have become friends in the first place. I can’t imagine beginning a friendship with someone right after my significant other expresses that they felt uncomfortable in that person’s presence.”

She also believes that her boyfriend never enacted good boundaries with this female friend of his, and now his female friend thinks it’s ok to send steamy photos of herself to him.

She doesn’t think that his female friend respects the fact that she’s with her boyfriend; otherwise, the photos never would have been sent.

Currently, her boyfriend is putting a bit of space between himself and this friend of his, but she knows he’s only behaving like this in order to prevent a fight between them.

“I told him that I was no longer comfortable with their friendship and that I wanted it to be cut,” she continued.

“I am happy that he agreed to do so, but I am frustrated that he doesn’t truly believe that that is a course of action he should need to take.”

“He adamantly refuses to agree that what she did was inappropriate or disrespectful, and I feel like I am losing my mind as my friends that I have spoken to about this back me 100%.”

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