Her Brother And Sister-In-Law Showed Up On Her Wedding Day In Full Wedding Attire And Wanted To Take Their Own Wedding Photos With Her Guests, So She Had Them Kicked Out

“And I did not want them to be wearing that during the wedding,” she said. Completely understandable.

Well, her brother and sister-in-law reportedly did not agree that was a good enough offer and even tried to get her to change her mind.

Thankfully, though, she just stood her ground, and Jack and Hannah ended up revealing that they did not want to take the photos anymore under those circumstances.

“I thought nothing of it,” she revealed, “and I just carried on with my life.”

That was until the day of her wedding, though, when her brother and sister-in-law had the nerve to arrive at the event with a photographer. Plus, the absolute worst part was that Hannah had shown up wearing a long white dress!

Now, all of her guests had already arrived, and she did not want anyone to see Hannah in that gown. So, she asked her maid of honor to tell the couple to change into different couples.

But, her brother and sister-in-law actually refused, so her husband’s groomsmen were eventually forced to just kick Jack and Hannah out.

Anyway, the rest of her wedding went smoothly, thankfully. After it was over, though, her mother did end up asking where Jack and Hannah were, and she was forced to spill the beans.

Despite her mother agreeing that the couple should not have shown up in wedding attire with a literal photographer, though, her mom still gave her some pushback on her decision to have the couple kicked out.

In fact, her mother claimed that she could have just “let it slide” since Jack and Hannah were already at the wedding.

Moreover, her mom pointed out how everyone who attended her wedding already knew who Jack and Hannah were.

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