Her Brother Wants Her To Take Down A Wedding Photo In Her Home That Includes His Ex-Girlfriend, But She Really Doesn’t Want To And Is Not Sure What To Do 

pikselstock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband got married six years ago, back in 2016. But recently, everyone in her family– including her mom, brother, and sister– has all been urging her to either remove or photoshop one large group photo from her wedding day.

‘Why?’ you might be wondering. Well, apparently, the photo features her brother and his ex-girlfriend.

More specifically, her brother’s arm is around his ex, and her brother claims that they are toward the front and center of the photo.

And if you could not have guessed by the title “ex,” her brother and his last girlfriend obviously broke up. And to be honest, their breakup was as messy and tumultuous as their relationship.

Since breaking up, though, her boyfriend has entered a new relationship. In fact, he is actually now engaged.

This does not really make the situation any better, however, because her brother’s new fiancée apparently knew his ex from childhood.

And spoiler alert: the two women did not get along back then. So, having the same ex/present partner only fuels the fire of hatred toward that photo.

In her opinion, though, her brother is being completely ridiculous and totally overreacting about the photo.

First of all, she claims that the photo has about one hundred people in it– many of whom she does not even talk to anymore.

pikselstock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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