Her Brother’s Girlfriend Announced In Front Of Their Whole Family That She Had Googled How Much They Spent On Presents This Year, So She Confronted Her For Being A Gold Digger

Bostan Natalia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has a brother named James, who started dating a girl named Lindsay 7 months ago.

Her brother invited Lindsay to come to spend Christmas with them, which she hosted this year, and prior to Christmas, she had only met Lindsay one time and thought she was nice.

Her brother and Lindsay arrived at her house on Christmas Eve, slept over, and then left on Christmas Day.

Her previous opinion of Lindsay changed, however, as soon as she stepped through her front door.

“When they arrived, Lindsay walked in and complimented my decorations (large tree in the foyer) and asked how much they cost,” she explained.

“I was a bit surprised by the question, but I just said, “more than I’d like,” and moved on. Throughout the evening, she asked several questions centered around money.”

Lindsay questioned her husband about how much money he had to put down for their house. Lindsay then grilled her stepdad on the salary he made at his last job.

Lindsay then asked her how much the watch she was wearing had cost. Lindsay didn’t stop there, though; she took it upon herself to Google a piece of art she had in her house to check how much that had cost her.

When Lindsay found out the price of the piece of art, she literally said out loud that it was “crazy” for her and her husband to have dropped that much money on it.

Bostan Natalia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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