Her Dad Found Out That Her Mom Stopped Paying Her College Tuition, So Now He Is Threatening To Seek Out Child Support Backpay And Formally Charge Her Mom For It

alfa27 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young twenty-year-old woman has pretty much been raised by her dad for her entire life.

Right after she was born, her mom and dad did work out a co-parenting arrangement. But, after she turned one year old, her mom stopped going to visit her as frequently. Then, that eventually turned into her mother barely ever seeing her at all.

And by the time she turned four, her mom had gotten married to a different man. So, her mom and stepdad ultimately moved away and had three children together.

“I don’t really know them that well since I live in the same state as my dad, and I didn’t visit my mom much when I was younger,” she revealed.

Despite her mom being pretty absent from her life, though, both of her parents had still worked out an unofficial agreement pertaining to her college education.

More specifically, after leaving, her mom was supposed to pay for her college tuition in exchange for her dad never seeking out child support payments.

So, she has since enrolled in a community college where she has gotten a few scholarships. And these scholarships have made it, so her tuition payments were never over six hundred dollars.

Now, though, she only has one semester left until she graduates and recently registered for all of her remaining course requirements.

After she texted her mom to tell her that and mention when the down payment was due, though, she was pretty shocked to find out that her mom no longer plans on footing the bill.

alfa27 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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