Her Dad Found Out That Her Mom Stopped Paying Her College Tuition, So Now He Is Threatening To Seek Out Child Support Backpay And Formally Charge Her Mom For It

In fact, her mom claimed that since she is now an adult and has a job, she could just afford to pay for the semester by herself. Rather than starting an argument off the bat, though, she tried to be understanding and just asked her mom what had changed.

“I asked if she just couldn’t afford to send anything right now, which would be fine. I wouldn’t be upset about it or anything,” she recalled.

Her mom did not beat around the bush in her response, though. Instead, her mom just said that she should not have to give any money since she is no longer her mom’s responsibility. Yikes.

So, she ended up just paying for her own tuition since she did not want to deal with pesky overcharge fees. Due to the unexpected extra expense, though, she was forced to pick up some extra shifts at work in order to afford her other living necessities.

And those extra shifts caused her dad to take notice. More specifically, he realized one day that she was going to work when she was supposed to be off and asked why she was doing that.

So, at that moment, she was forced to reveal that her mom had given up on paying for her college– pushing her to take care of it by herself. And if you could not have guessed, her dad was pissed.

He ended up actually calling her mom and claiming that if she did not adhere to their agreement for as long as she was in school, then he was going to seek out backpay on the child support and formally charge her mom for it.

Rather than her mom just stepping up to the plate, though, her mom actually threw her into the line of fire. Her mom texted her a few times, all angry that she had told her dad the truth about the payments.

Then, her mom tried to defend the decision to withhold the tuition– claiming that it was just one semester and that she is an adult now who should be expected to pay her own bills.

To be honest, though, since she realized that she sparked a bunch of family drama by spilling the beans to her dad, she kind of feels like the jerk in the situation.

“I guess I didn’t really have to get my dad involved and tell him about it,” she said.

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