Her Dad Was The Happy Face Killer, And She’s Talking About A Red Flag From Her Childhood That Showed Who Her Dad Really Was

There has always been this obsession with serial killers and true crime stories in the media. The Zodiac Killer, the Unabomber, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, and so many other people have been made notorious for the heinous actions they did.

One thing a lot of people don’t focus on or sometimes focus on too much is the families of these people.

Like, how could they not know what their relative was doing? Weren’t there any signs, a change in behavior, anything that would suggest that there was something happening?

Well, one girl is actually sharing a red flag that happened during her childhood, which showed just who her father actually was; The Happy Face Killer.

Melissa Moore has shared a lot about her life as the daughter of a serial killer, whether it be on Dr. Phil, Oprah, or even the podcast she is a part of, and now she’s answering people’s questions on TikTok. She was asked a question about red flags, and she shared a pretty interesting one.

“There were red flags that my dad was living a double life, and some of them were kind of strange, and I’ll tell you one of them that’s bizarre when I look back at it,” she explained.

“So in 1990, my dad and my mother got a divorce, and my dad was granted visitation in their divorce decree. So my dad would take us to the Oregon Coast. And he took us to the Oregon Coast because there were several people that were living on the Oregon Coast.”

Sounds like a normal post-divorce agreement, right? That’s sort of how my parents’ divorce went. Split custody with mom having me and my siblings most of the time.

TikTok; pictured above is Melissa

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