Her Dad Went Into Debt Funding Her Cousin’s Life And Now This Cousin Expects Her Dad To Foot The Bill For His Wedding

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A 22-year-old woman has a cousin 2 years older than her who has depended on her dad financially for at least as long as she can even recall things.

Her cousin’s mom and dad ended their relationship when her cousin was just a toddler. After the split, her cousin’s dad, who is her dad’s brother, refused to pay for her cousin.

Although her cousin’s mom did work, she didn’t make a lot of money, and so her own dad stepped in to pay for her cousin’s life since he has always been wealthy.

“Fast forward to our college years, my father paid for both mine and my older brother (26M)’s degrees, which we are very grateful for,” she explained.

“However, I could tell how much he was struggling to make ends meet, which was weird since what he made should allow him to live comfortably even with our tuition fees.”

Back when she was in college, she held down 2 different jobs so she could cover her bills, her rent, and all of her expenses, as did her brother.

She and her brother were always determined to try to pay their own ways as soon as possible to relieve their dad of their financial burdens and make sure he could start putting money away to retire.

“Recently I’ve come to discover that the reason money was tight was because my father, who had now gone into debt, was also paying for my cousin’s tuition AND livelihood,” she said.

Her cousin refused to get any kind of job in order to cover his expenses, and instead, he badgered her own dad to give him money for everything.

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