Her Dad Went Into Debt Funding Her Cousin’s Life And Now This Cousin Expects Her Dad To Foot The Bill For His Wedding

So while she and her brother busted their butts making money to help out their dad with their expenses, their cousin sat back and did nothing.

She and her brother both have since graduated from college and have jobs that they work at full time.

She’s trying to save her money to get a master’s and her brother is saving his money for his upcoming wedding.

Although her dad said he would be happy to pay for her master’s and her brother’s wedding, they both refused to take his money for that.

“My cousin, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to hold down a single full-time job for longer than a few months (much like his father) and continues to rely on my father for support, which would’ve been fine if he didn’t just ask my dad to pay for his lavish wedding to a girl he only met less than 6 months ago,” she continued.

“I know my father could never say no because he feels a sense of moral responsibility towards my cousin, but how do I tell him that as an adult, he should be responsible for figuring his life out like everyone else??”

Her dad is currently 58-years-old and he continues to be in debt over her cousin, yet he won’t say no to her cousin at all.

She’s so upset that her entitled and lazy cousin expects her dad to continue funding his life, and she wants this to stop.

How can she get this to happen, though?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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