Her Daughter Broke Her Stepson’s iPad, So She’s Grounding Her This Christmas As Punishment And Not Allowing Her To Come Out Of Her Room

Well, she just found out that Nova’s father will not give Nova half of the money needed to purchase a new iPad for Oliver.

Instead, Nova’s father is planning on purchasing Nova her very own iPad for Christmas without trying to help replace Oliver’s.

She knows that Nova convinced her father to go along with this plan because Nova really wants to own her own iPad.

“I asked her what about Oliver, and she just shrugged,” she said. “I told her, in this case, you are grounded for Christmas. This year she is supposed to be with me for Christmas, and it’s court-ordered, so her dad can’t do anything about it.”

“I told her she won’t celebrate with us. She’ll get her iPad, but she’ll stay in her room. Her dad… says I’m cruel for doing this punishment. I think she needs this lesson.”

She’s left wondering if she’s right or if Nova’s dad is right in this situation. What do you think?

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