Her Daughter Wore Princess Heels To Daycare And Had To Sit Out At Recess, But She Does Not Understand Why And Is Considering Finding A New School

Kristina89 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual girl

This woman’s two-year-old daughter recently just received some light-up princess heels as a gift from a family member.

And as you can imagine, her toddler absolutely loves the shoes. In fact, she claims that her daughter wants to wear them literally everywhere.

So, on Tuesday, her daughter decided to wear the shoes to daycare. By the time she went to pick her daughter up from the nursery that afternoon, though, she had realized that the princess heels were gone. Instead, her daughter was just wearing a pair of socks provided by the school.

Then, upon speaking to the daycare staff, she was asked to also send her daughter with “acceptable” shoes inside her backpack if her daughter wanted to wear her heels.

This did not sit right with her, though. So, upon returning home, she decided to check out the school’s dress code.

It was at that point that she realized there was absolutely nothing within the code pertaining to shoes– except for the fact that kids needed to be able to comfortably play in whatever pair they chose to wear to school.

“And my daughter is very comfortable in her heels,” she said. In fact, she claims that her daughter wears them in all types of environments– including at the park, in the grocery store, and pretty much anytime they leave the house. Plus, her daughter reportedly never complains about the footwear.

So, because of that, she thought there was nothing wrong with her daughter wearing them to school.

And the following day, her daughter wanted to wear them to the daycare again– and she allowed her to.

Kristina89 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual girl

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