Her DIY Wine Chiller Is Perfect To Add Some Pizzazz To Your Champagne Or Wine This Holiday Season

TikTok - @fivefootfeminine

If you’re having guests over this holiday season, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be breaking out a bottle of wine or two to ring in the fast-approaching new year.

Whether you’re someone who just enjoys the occasional glass of red or an avid wine collector, as the host of the party, you always want to impress your visitors.

TikToker @fivefootfeminine has ways to elevate the drinks at your holiday parties and leave your guests clamoring for more.

This wine chiller is an easy, budget-friendly, DIY trick that’ll have people thinking you spent tons of money on it when in reality, it was a piece of cake to make.

All you need is some seasonal flowers and fruit from the grocery store and freeze them in water overnight.

She used sprigs of evergreen and fresh cranberries, placed them into an ice mold, and stuck them in the freezer.

At the end of the video, she inserted a bottle of wine into the piece of decorated ice to keep it chilled. The ice is sitting in a silver bowl on a white platter.

The platter is adorned with pinecones, pine stems, and a handful of cranberries for an aesthetic look.

Another easy and decorative way of keeping your alcoholic beverages chilled during the holidays is with her DIY floral ice cubes. This is a trick that anyone can do and immediately look like a pro at hosting.


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