Her Ex-Husband Came To Her Boyfriend’s Birthday Party And Told A Few People She Looked Hot That Night, So She Changed Into Baggy Sweats

“He basically told him that he found me very attractive, and despite us being divorced, even now, he still found me…attractive. I immediately went to find my best friend and told her, to which she told me that my ex had already told her that, and she told him point blank to keep that to himself.”

Not only did her ex’s remarks about her looking hot make her wildly uncomfortable, it made her boyfriend uncomfortable too.

She made a beeline inside and left everyone outside at the bonfire so she could change. She threw on really baggy sweats, a sweatshirt, and tennis shoes.

She also wiped all of the makeup off her face as well. She then walked back outside, ready to chat with her guests again, when her ex asked to speak to her privately.

Her ex then berated her for changing because he felt it “drew too much attention to what he said.”

She’s left wondering if it was wrong of her to change her clothes at the party after her ex made comments about her.

What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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