Her Female Roommate Called Her Out For Not Cleaning Up After Their Male Roommate And Claimed It Was A Woman’s Job, So She Told Her Roommate To Go Back To Her Home Country

However, John never actually cleans up any of his own mess. Instead, whenever her other roommate Anna cleans up her own things, she also puts away all of John’s stuff, too.

And quite honestly, she did not really care about that– because if Anna wanted to do that, that was her roommate’s decision.

Well, that was until Anna tried to involve her and claimed that she was part of the reason why John’s space was always so dirty.

This all began just a few days ago when Anna was washing the dishes and putting away John’s things. At the same time, she was on the phone with a friend discussing an important essay she had to write.

And out of nowhere, during the middle of her call, Anna apparently began screaming at her to go help out with all of the garbage.

She was confused at that moment and politely told Ana she was busy– because just twenty minutes later, she was supposed to meet her friend regarding the essay.

Plus, it was obvious that all the trash John had left behind was easily going to take an hour to clean up.

Anna seemingly did not care about any of that, though, and instead just started calling her lazy. Anna also began screaming about how she never helps clean up and accused her of just “going out” all day.

So, she was totally caught off guard by her roommate’s behavior and pointed out how she always cleaned up after herself. Then, she asked why Anna wasn’t just yelling at John– who was actually the source of the mess! 

To her complete surprise, though, Anna ended up detailing how women are responsible for the cleanliness of a home.

“Because he’s a guy, and that’s just not expected of them to know. You should know better. Women from my country know this. Guys aren’t really bothered by messes, so it makes sense why he wouldn’t clean,” Anna apparently said to her.

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