Her Fiancé Literally Stole The Christmas Gift She Purchased For Her Sick Brother And Then Her Fiancé Got Upset That She Called Him A Thief

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A 30-year-old woman has a 16-year-old brother who was diagnosed with a heart condition when he was born.

Due to her brother’s diagnosis, he hasn’t been able to really be a child in the way other kids his age have been able to, and his heart condition prevents him from doing a lot of his favorite things.

Her brother’s heart condition has also caused her mom and dad to really struggle financially because of all of his medical expenses.

Her parents simply don’t have the money to buy her brother many things that he wants, such as a gaming console.

Her cousins and uncle will come to babysit her brother and bring along their gaming console so he can play with it, and that’s the only time he gets to use one.

“My brother has been feeling sad and lonely recently after his doctors recommended that visits be limited,” she explained.

“I decided to use my salary to get him his own console and wait until Christmas to give it to him. I bought an Xbox and has been sitting in my closet until I discovered that my fiancé took it and sent it to his nephew who lives states away.”

As soon as she realized the Xbox was gone, she asked her fiancé why he stole the Xbox because he knew it was her brother’s Christmas present.

Her fiancé replied that his sister is a single mom who can’t afford to buy any Christmas presents for her own son, so he wanted to do something.

gpointstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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