Her Friend Set Her Up With A Weird Guy Who Ended Up Calling Her In The Middle Of The Night For A Whole Year, And He Would Breathe Heavily On The Other End Of The Line

Despite all of this, she still invited him out to an event the club she worked at was hosting. She figured she would be safe in such a public space.

She remembers the date going fairly well and that he was less creepy in person than he was over text. However, after saying goodbye in an amicable way that night, things went downhill. Warning – the story gets quite dark.

One night, Joe called her out of the blue and told her that he was about to commit suicide. Panicked and unsure of what to do, she stayed on the line with him the entire night to calm him down.

She quite literally watched the sunrise in her backyard as she spoke to him for hours. Toward the end of the call, he thanked her and said that it was the ‘best night of his life’ before hanging up. Did he threaten to commit suicide just so he could talk to her all night?

After that interaction, she decided to gently break things off with Joe. As you can imagine, he did not take this news well. Mary even had to contact a mutual friend to keep an eye on him during this time.

Joe began calling her multiple times after midnight. Whenever she picked up, all she could hear was him breathing heavily on the other line.

Every single time he called, she would block the number, but somehow he would just get a new one. Isn’t that terrifying?

The torment got to the point where she would work to disguise her voice so that it sounded like a man had picked up her phone in hopes that it would scare Joe off.

Eventually, it did. It’s been over a year, and she hasn’t heard from him at all. This doesn’t mean she isn’t still traumatized from the whole experience.

“I will probably spend my life looking over my shoulder,” she explained. “Every time someone attacks the bins on my street, I worry it might be Joe. Every time a beat-up car passes me as I walk to the bus stop or the train station, I worry it might be him.”

She ends her story by mentioning a very important message that she learned during the entire experience. Never ask Mary to play matchmaker ever again.

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