Her “Girl’s Trip” To Vegas Ended Up With Her Having To Third-Wheel In A Couple’s Hotel Room, So She Left Early, And Now Her Friends Are Furious With Her

Nadezhda - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-two-year-old woman recently went on a trip to Las Vegas with two friends, Lydia and Kitty, and her cousin, Mary.

Apparently, the trip was initially supposed to take place earlier. But she had exams in college during that time, so the vacation got pushed back. It was also supposed to be just for the four girls, but that got changed, too.

It all began a couple of weeks ago when Mary and Kitty both proposed the idea of bringing their boyfriends.

The two girls claimed that sightseeing would be a lot more fun with a larger group.

Now, she was a bit annoyed by that just because she had signed up for a girl’s trip. However, Lydia ended up being fine with it, so she went along with the new plan and said it was whatever.

Anyway, the original hotel situation was that the girls had booked two rooms– one for her and Mary to stay in and the other for Lydia and Kitty.

Once the boys entered the picture, though, Mary and Kitty claimed that they were going to look for separate hotel rooms.

“And I would probably have to bunk with Lydia,” she recalled, “I had no issue with that, so I didn’t ask any more questions.”

Well, by the time they actually arrived at their hotel in Vegas, she found out that Mary and Kitty had never actually booked additional rooms.

Nadezhda – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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