Her Husband Used Their Elf On The Shelf To Bully Their Kids And Totally Ruined Her Son’s Birthday, So She Threw Away The Elf, Kicked Her Husband Out On Christmas Eve, And Now Is Being Accused Of “Ruining Christmas”

So, they went out and bought a cute Elf. Their kids later named it “Bob,” and her husband explained the basic rules of having an Elf in the house.

Essentially, their children had to behave, and they could never touch or hold Bob. And if the kids did not listen, the Elf would become naughty.

Her kids then became totally invested in the new tradition, and she claims that, at first, it was pretty adorable.

“It was cute to see them spy on Bob, try to see it ‘fly’ each night. Andy was the most excited of all. I found him one night talking with it, asking it if Santa still remembered him,” she recalled.

Soon after, though, she claims that her husband Miles took his commitment to the “behave or Bob would be naughty” bit much too seriously.

It all began when their oldest son, Lucas, did not complete his chores. At that point, Lucas became the Elf’s– or rather, her husband’s– “first victim” and woke up with Sharpie all over his face the following morning.

Next came her daughter Claire, who touched Bob and got her favorite onesie destroyed. Her husband reportedly made that incident appear as though Bob the Elf had grabbed some scissors and cut up the clothing while her daughter was sleeping.

So, it soon became apparent that even though Miles was having fun, the kids were not. She even brought this up to her husband and suggested that he take a break from the pranks. Still, though, he wanted to get one more notch on his belt– Andy.

“He agreed but wanted to catch Andy since he had not broken any rules,” she explained.

She ended up telling Miles that Bob was just supposed to tell Santa about any misbehavior– not actually retaliate. Then, after getting into an argument about this, she claimed that her husband finally agreed to take a step back from Elf duty.

Well, fast forward to Christmas Eve, and some of Andy’s friends went over to her house to celebrate his birthday. And while the kids played in the backyard, she reportedly noticed her husband looking “sus.”

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