Her Niece Wrongfully Accused Her Teen Daughter Of Stealing AirPods And Told The Entire Family That Her Daughter Was A Thief, So She Banned Her Niece From Her House

Anyway, she decided to tell Kelly that she would talk to Laura about the issue. Then, she would call her niece back.

Immediately after speaking to Laura, though, she claims that her daughter vehemently denied ever stealing the AirPods.

First of all, her daughter said that she was nowhere near Kelly’s purse the entire night. Second, Laura pointed out how she already had her own headphones. So, it did not make sense why her daughter would want to take Kelly’s.

“I can usually tell when Laura is lying, and she has never stolen things in the past. So, I am pretty inclined to believe her,” she added.

Of course, she did admit to being a bit biased– being that she is Laura’s mother, after all. Despite that, though, she claims to know Laura really well and honestly believes that her daughter is not a thief.

So, she ended up calling Kelly back a few hours later and telling her niece that she had no idea what actually happened to the AirPods. However, she was certain that Laura was not behind their disappearance.

For whatever reason, though, Kelly kept insisting that Laura had stolen the headphones. Plus, her niece even tried to say that she and her husband were going to have to purchase her a replacement!

But she stuck to her guns and told Kelly that that would not be happening. Moreover, she was sure the headphones would turn up soon.

Kelly apparently was not satisfied with that answer, though, and proceeded to go around telling the entire family that Laura was a liar and a thief. Plus, she even got accused of enabling her daughter’s sticky fingers!

Then, the very next day, she received a lighthearted text from Kelly. As she had guessed, Kelly found the AirPods– which had been left inside Kelly’s car the entire time.

Rather than being apologetic, though, Kelly apparently found the entire situation very funny. She, however, was understandably really pissed off and decided to give Kelly a piece of her mind.

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