Her Parents Always Favor Her Older Sister’s Children, So After It Happened Again This Year With Christmas Presents, Her Husband Went Out And Bought Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Extra Gifts For Her Niece, Who Was Left Out

Natalia Chircova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-year-old woman has two older siblings– a sister who is thirty-nine and a brother who is thirty-four. However, she claims that while growing up, her older sister was totally spoiled.

Apparently, her parents would make sure that her sister got everything she wanted– even if that meant that she and her brother felt pretty forgotten about.

For instance, both she and her brother would be forced to split both their birthday and Christmas money with her older sister. That way, her sister did not feel “left out”– even though her sister was never required to share anything with them.

Her sister was also allowed to participate in multiple dance classes every single week. At the same time, she and her brother were forced to drop out of their sports since her parents claimed they could not afford it.

“For Christmas, my brother and I would get new, unbranded clothes and books while my sister was gifted mobile phones, MP3 players, Playstations, designer clothes, and handbags,” she added.

Plus, this unequal treatment has even continued into adulthood. Now, though, it has to do with her brother and sister’s kids.

Her sister has since had two sons– who are sixteen and fourteen-years-old. And for her nephews’ birthdays and on Christmas, her parents will gift them hundreds of dollars worth of items. She and her brother’s kids, though, are only gifted one small toy or two every single year.

Now, her mother has apparently attempted to excuse away these gift disparities by pointing out how her older sister is a single parent who is also struggling financially. On the flip side, her husband comes from a wealthy family, and her brother at least has a wife.

And even though she and her brother kind of understood that, they still asked their parents if they could at least give her nephews their larger gifts separately. That way, the other grandchildren would not have their feelings hurt.

Natalia Chircova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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