Her Parents Expect Her To Leave Her Dog Outside In The Cold For 5 Days When She Comes To Visit Them For Christmas

The Len - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

A 22-year-old girl has a 130-pound Cane Corso that she adores. Last year for Christmas, she ended up leaving her dog with some of her friends while she went to visit her family for a few days.

She really didn’t like being apart from her dog, so she asked her stepmom and dad if she could bring her dog with her this Christmas, and they said yes.

Well, over this summer, her parents ended up getting a dog, but she didn’t think that meant they would have a problem with her dog.

“Yesterday, however, I got a call from my stepmom saying that their little 15-pound mix has bitten 3 people and is extremely and irrationally dog aggressive,” she explained.

“They never socialized her or took her to a trainer “because she is tiny and harmless.” I said I can take my crate and keep Dude (my dog) there or have them switch out with theirs, but she said that she needs Dude to be outside.”

“I got pissed off and said no. The yard is well fenced in, and there is a small shed with heating there, but I am not a fan. It’s 5 days of him in the cold, alone and outside.”

Dude has always lived in the house, and she doesn’t think it’s fair to suddenly expect him to live outside, much less in the cold.

She tried to see if she could find a dog hotel or one of her friends to take Dude while she visits her parents for Christmas, but everything is booked up, or nobody is available since it’s already so close to Christmas.

She then attempted to see if her stepmom would be ok with her keeping Dude shut in one room of the house, so he’s separated from the little dog, but her stepmom said no because it will be too upsetting to her dog.

The Len – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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