Her Parents Have Gotten Married And Separated Three Times, And Now She Was Asked To Be The Maid Of Honor At Their Fourth Wedding, But After She Refused To Buy Yet Another Expensive Dress, Her Mom Freaked Out On Her

nastasenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this twenty-six-year-old woman was just five years old, her parents got married. And being that she was a little girl at the time, she was the flower girl during the ceremony.

By the time she turned ten, though, her parents had actually gotten divorced. And according to her, absolutely no one saw that coming because her mom and dad literally never fought.

“I feel like I have to mention that my parents are both very wealthy and kept finances separate. So, it was an easy divorce, and they absolutely could pay for it,” she noted.

Anyway, seven more years passed, and her parents remained separated. Then, when she was seventeen, they randomly decided to get back together again.

She also claims that since she was a teen for her parent’s second wedding, she was absolutely overjoyed.

I mean, talk about a Parent Trap moment, right? Plus, she even got to be a bridesmaid at the second wedding!

It did not take long for this second marriage to also come crashing down, though, and her mom and dad ended up separating again.

This time, though, they actually opted not to tell anyone and did not go through with a formal divorce.

“But we all knew they were separated,” she pointed out.

nastasenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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