Her Puppy Peed On The Radiator One Morning, And She Didn’t Clean It Up Until The Nighttime, So Her Bedroom Stunk Terribly, And Her Boyfriend Has Been Furious

Elles Rijsdijk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual puppy

This twenty-one-year-old woman currently lives with her boyfriend, who is twenty-four. And recently, a brand new furry friend was added to their little family– a Pomsky named Kito.

Kito is now six-months-old, but she and her boyfriend got the pup about four months ago. Unfortunately, though, she claims that Kito has just been pretty difficult to deal with.

“I have been told by people that we are not training him properly and that he is going to grow into a bad dog,” she even revealed.

Still, the main problem with her four-legged friend is a much larger one. Apparently, Kito just will not go to the bathroom outside the house.

She claims to have tried everything that dog owners could possibly think of. Nonetheless, Kito will still pee and poop wherever he wants, whenever he wants, inside the house.

So, that means that she and her boyfriend have to constantly watch the pup very carefully in hopes of preventing damage before it can be done.

And even after purchasing and introducing Kito to training pads, the pup still just ignores the pads and goes on the floor.

And recently, Kito’s proclivity for pooping inside has really started to get on her boyfriend’s last nerve.

In fact, he told her that he is seriously fed up with both having to clean up the dog’s mess and deal with the nasty smell all of the time.

Elles Rijsdijk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual puppy

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