Her Puppy Peed On The Radiator One Morning, And She Didn’t Clean It Up Until The Nighttime, So Her Bedroom Stunk Terribly, And Her Boyfriend Has Been Furious

“He was also complaining about taking him on walks and other things. But luckily for him, he works Monday through Friday all day. So, while he is working, I look after Kito,” she explained.

One day this past week, though, one more incident seriously sent her boyfriend over the edge and drove a wedge in their relationship.

It all began while her boyfriend was at work; meanwhile, she was still in bed sleeping. This latter part of the story is important.

Apparently, whenever she is sleeping, she keeps Kito in the bedroom with her. She also puts a pad down in the room just in case he needs to use the bathroom.

“But, as I said, he ignores it,” she noted.

So, Kito ended up peeing right next to the radiator– which was turned on at the time. And if you could not have guessed it, the odor was very strong, and the pee also soaked into the floorboards. Yuck!

After she woke up, though, she told herself that she would just clean up the mess later for whatever reason. That “later” never came, though.

Instead, her boyfriend actually returned home that evening, walked into their bedroom, and began literally gagging because the pee was still there.

Then, he asked her what the hell that smell was, and she told him.

Immediately, she claims that her boyfriend became furious about how she never bothered to get up and clean the mess.

Moreover, how even after she did get out of bed, she decided to leave the pee sitting there and stinking up the house all day.

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