Her Sister’s Husband Got Her A Brazilian Butt Lift As A Christmas Gift, And She’s Convinced Her Sister Was Really Upset By This

kristina_1994 - - illustrative purposes only; not the actual person

A 26-year-old woman has a 28-year-old sister, and her sister has been married to her 32-year-old husband for a year now.

Her sister has been together with her husband for 3 years, and she has noticed that ever since her sister entered this relationship, she has been changing things about herself to fit what he likes.

Slowly but surely, her sister has changed how she behaves and how she looks.

In the beginning, her sister’s husband would pay to have her go get manicures, despite the fact that her sister was never really into that before meeting him.

“Then he started paying for her to regularly get her naturally blonde hair dyed brunette (his preference on women and the color of all his exes’ hair),” she explained.

“Then it was regular professional spray tans to dye her naturally pale skin orange.”

“Her style has also changed dramatically, as well as her hobbies and choice of activities. Before, my sister was quite outdoorsy – we used to go canoeing and hiking together regularly.”

“Now she doesn’t do these things. She prefers to spend her free time shopping, crunching, and pampering herself.”

Her sister maintains that her tastes just changed as she grew older, but she doesn’t buy this excuse at all and knows her sister’s husband is the reason for this change.

kristina_1994 – – illustrative purposes only; not the actual person

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